Journal Entry: July 9

After lunch, we board the buses for Venice, the city on an island. We stay outside of Venice in a Holiday Inn, out of all places.

Journal Entry: July 10

The next day, we head into Venice. No automobile traffic is allowed in the city, so we must go either by boat or foot. One of the interesting shops is the glass blowing factory, which is a very ancient trade in Venice. This shop has some of the finest glass in the world. I also took a ride on a gondola through the many canals of Venice. Fabulous! After a change of clothes, the choir is prepared to sing inside St. Mark's Cathedral in Venice. Inside, we were able to get a seven second echo. After the concert, we head back to our hotel for some much needed rest.

Yes, the city of Venice is definitely an island, and is LOADED with hundreds of canals. Considering the size of the streets in Venice, I have absolutely no idea HOW you would fit a bunch of cars on the roads. Anyways, some of the pieces of glass in the factory actually is quite inexpensive, considering a comparison of prices in the US.

A man practicing the art of glass blowing Samples of Venetian Glass
The fine art of glass blowing. Some of the finished product.

After viewing the products, we visit much of the rest of the city, including the famous Bridge of Sighs, the Basilica of St. Mark, the Campanile Bell Tower, and much more.

Some of the gondolas of Venice, Bridge of Sighs Park the boat
The Bridge of Sighs in the distance, with some of the many gondolas of Venice. Go in mother, I'll park the CAR boat for you.

After the sightseeing, we did perform INSIDE of St. Mark's Cathedral during their Vespers mass. The concert was good, and even the religious order gave us applause. I have never seen that, except well... the movie Sister Act.

Onto Verona!

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