Journal Entry: July 11

After lunch, we head to Stresa. Our hotel is a beautiful one on the lake, and has four stars. Tonight, for the first time, we perform in a concert hall, rather than outdoors.

Journal Entry: July 12

Today is a free day. I shop through some of the local stores. However, since I have been travelling for most of this tour so far, I decided to just get some rest.

After this concert, I had a very interesting night. The concert was at 9:30 PM local time (21:30), and once the concert had finished, our curfew was set for 12:30 AM (00:30). Well, the truck crew was usually given a later curfew because it takes quite a while to get the truck packed up. When I get back to the hotel, I pick up the room key at the front desk, and go up to the room. Since most of the room keys have a heavy base-type thing to them, and it would be very heavy to carry, the hotels usually allow us to have them hold the key for us, and then we would ask for the key when we come back. When I get up to my room, I expect my roommate to be there, but I am welcomed by a ringing telephone. The roommate decided to "go out" for a little while. I spent about an hour in the room with the telephone ringing every 10 minutes. I did not really get very much sleep, because breakfast was being served that morning. So, I did decide to get some sleep on the count of that fact, and I just hoped for the rest of the tour that I would not have to go through something like that again.

Some of the tourists

This picture shows some of the students enjoying themselves in Stresa. I would like to thank Eric Smith of Tennessee for submitting this picture to me.

Now over the Switzerland!

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