Back Into the 1600's

Journal Entry: July 5

Well, we rode on the Autobahn (yes, there is no speed limit for cars) through a few country towns until we came up to the medieval town of Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber. It still has the town walls up, old building structures, cobblestone streets, and the town square. At dinner, I tried my first beer. It was alright, but I'd never had a beer before, so I was not used to the taste. Tonight, I walk around town, see some of the views, and then go back to bed.

I'm sure that most people noticed that I have two July 5th entries. Well, both things did happen on the same day, and I had put it all into one entry, and for the purpose of this website, I split it up.

Journal Entry: July 6

Hi! I wake up, have some breakfast, and visit the town. This morning, I went to the Kriminal Museum. It shows all of the devices that Rothenburg once used to embarass, torture, and even kill people. We performed a concert this evening. After dinner, I decided to get some sleep in the hotel.

Welcome to Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber! We arrive in the town, and head to our hotels.

A street and tower of Rothenburg

A tower from one of the many street of Rothenburg.

The next day, as I said, I did visit the Kriminal Museum. For lunch, I ate at a local McDonald's. For those who are wondering, they DO serve beer at the McDonald's in Europe. During the afternoon, I was window shopping through many of the stores.

The Outside of Town Outside of Kriminal Museum
This is the outside of town. The outside of the Kriminal Museum.
The meadows past the town wall A Local Church
This shows some of the meadows past the town wall. One of the local churches of this town.

Just a couple of extra words about those pictures. On the top right shows the Baker's Baptism, in which bread bakers who baked their bread in the "incorrect form" wouuld be locked into the cage and then submerged in water. On the top left, the person in front of the camera (back side showing) is one person that I saw in just about every city that the tour visited. I will not tell what her name is because of obvious reasons. We both agreed that we saw each other WAY too much on this tour.

As I said, we had a performance. It was our first performance in the continent of Europe during this tour. The truck crew enjoyed a good 30 minutes unloading the truck. (We got that, now if we could only get the LOADING correct.)

The Truck Crew

This is the truck crew in Rothenburg.

Actually, if you think about it, we successfully loaded the truck every time, because we ended up getting everything IN the truck. After loading, we have dinner, and I retire to the hotel. Tonight, I am the victim of some pranks. First, I fall for the OLDEST trick: Tying the shoelaces together. And, in the middle of the night, my roommate put a trash can lid over my head and took pictures of me. I have to say that it was quite original. I am currently asking some people in the hotel for that picture.

Onto Oberammergau!

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