Journal Entry: July 17

Hello! We go to the Notre-Dame this morning, where the choir sings in the church. After the concert, I have lunch at a local café and window shop in some of the many stores. At 2:00, we load the buses for a driving tour of the city. We see the Champs-Elysses, the Place de la Concorde, the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, where Diana, Princess of Wales, died, the Louvre, the University District, and a tour of the Notre-Dame cathedral. After dinner, we go to the St. Roch Cathedral, where we perform a concert.

Journal Entry: July 18

Hello. Today, I am going to the Louvre, an art museum. I see the Mona Lisa, The Crowning of Napoleon, the Venus De Milo, and much, much more. After that, I went to the Arc de Triomphe. I climbed to the top, and went over there courtesy of an underground tunnel. Once at the top, it was a beautiful view! After looking out on the city, we decided to take a taxi to the Eiffel Tower. Tonight, we eat dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, and I buy a t-shirt.

Notre-Dame Up Close
Notre-Dame from the courtyard outside.

The Doorway of Notre-Dame
This is the side of the doorway. The third one from the left is holding his head in his hands.

CremerieFood Shops
Some of the food shops of Paris, in the Latin Quarter. Many Europeans prefer to use these for food rather than a supermarket.

Next day, and the groups go to their destinations. Each group had a choice of whether to go the Louvre, the Musee D'Orsay, or the Palace of Versailles. At first, I would have liked to visit the palace, but since it did take up most of our day, I, along with many others, decided to visit the Louvre.

The Glass Pyramid; Entrance
The Great Glass Pyramid. This was the entrance to the Louvre for individuals, but groups were able to get in a special different way.

Mona LisaThe Crowning of Napoleon
These are the Mona Lisa (left) and the crowning of Napoleon (right). The Mona Lisa Room was quite crowded, so it was a little bit hard to get a clear picture. In the picture on the right, Napoleon happens to be crowning himself.

I pick up lunch in a nearby restaurant after going through the Louvre and seeing all of the paintings. I meet up with a few people on the tour, and we go to the Arc de Triomphe. Walking towards the Champs-Elysses from the Louvre was quite fun. However, I would only suggest it if you have no small children with you, and you are a real-life Frogger expert.

Champs-ElyssessArc de Triomphe
On the left is the Rue Champs-Elysses, which is the road leading to what is on the right; the Arc de Triomphe.

I say take the tunnel
I say that we take the tunnel over, and avoid the crazy traffic.

On top of ol' Triomphe, all covered with rain
This is Me (Rightmost), along with the other three people with me.

Let's Go to Disneyland!

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