Luxembourg, Luxembourg

My Journal left off at this point. There are no more journal entries.

Luxembourg, the home for our bus drivers and their buses. However first, we visit the city of Reims for lunch, which is in the center of the champagne country. In the local Cathedral, many of the French kings were crowned, and the Germans surrendered in World War II. After lunch, we continue onto Luxembourg. Tonight, we perform in the local Music Conservatory. For one of our songs in the repetoire, we have a guest accompanist.

Choir and band in Luxembourg
The Performance in Luxembourg.

The next morning, we visit the Luxembourg American Cemetery. This is where General George S. Patton, along with his 5,000 soldiers that were killed in the Battle of the Bulge, are buried. The choir's final surprise mini-concert is performed here, as some of the participants lay a wreath at Patton's grave and present two American Flags.

Participants fold the American Flag
The participants fold one of the old American Flags.

Afterwards, we visited the city of Luxembourg, where we shop and eat lunch.

Back into France!

Official Site of the Luxembourg American Cemetery.

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