Welcome to Austria!

Journal Entry: July 7

After Rothenburg, we continue to Innsbruck, Austria. At our hotel, I am on the top floor, but no roommate, which means NO PRANKS! :) Once we settle in and have dinner, the group goes to a night of Austrian Culture in performance, including local yodels and dances. Quite Interesting!

Journal Entry: July 8

Next day, and we visit Old Innsbruck. I bought a few souvenirs, had lunch, and climbed the main bell tower. By the way, at certain places in the city, you can find a beautiful view of the Alps.

Tonight, in our hotel, we unfortunately have to stay with the blue bus. That night, we head into the new part of the city to enjoy a famous Tyrolean Evening, which is a presentation of Austrian yodeling and dancing.

Austrian Dancers More of the Tyrolean Evening
Some Austrian Dancers More Dancing

It is the next day, as we head into the old section of Innsbruck. There are beautiful views in many parts of the city, and many other joys of the city. In the center, there is a famous "Golden Roof".

The Alps from an Innsbruck Street A view from the Bell Tower
The beautiful view of the Alps from the median of one of Innsbruck's Streets. The Town of Innsbruck from one of the town's high bell towers.

I think this Hooters likes me! Look at the sign, it says "Go Will" there.

Let's Go to Italy!

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