Journal Entry: July 13

Good Morning! We load the bus, change a tire, and are on our way. We take a ride along the lake in Stresa when soon enough, we are in Switzerland. There is a border crossing that we had to pass through, since Switzerland is not part of the European Union at the time. On the ride, we visit the high peaks of the Swiss Alps. What a beautiful view! After the views, we ride to our hotel in Grindelwald. It is another four star hotel. Our room is extremely large, and is made for about 6 people, so we have that many in the room. It's time for me to sleep. Good Night.

The Peaks of Switzerland

The Massive Glacier

The lovely Swiss Alps. There is a large glacier in the middle of these mountains, which is shown in the bottom picture. Afterwards, we did go to our hotels. About the hotels, I heard that many of the other tourists were complaining about the bus I was on having better hotels than the ones that they used. Well, most of them were quite nice, and I don't really have anything to say to those people about the hotels.

The next day was sort of a free day. Many had the option of taking a chairlift to the top of the mountains for a beautiful view. However, some of the people decided to stay back. One of the big attractions for this tour in this town was not the great views, not the great food, but the fact that there was a laundromat near our hotel. Most of us could finally wash our clothes. Of course, seeing as how there were 230 people on the tour, it was very hard to get a washer AND a dryer that was not being used.

Tonight's concert is in the local hall with a VERY small stage. It is so small that we are not even able to fit everyone onto the stage. So, even after moving the band down to the pit, it is still impossible to get even the whole choir on the stage, which is made up of about 130 high school and college students. It is also really bad for the truck crew, because there is no convenience ramp that we can use. So, we just drag in a few extra guys to pick the stuff up.

Let's Go to Interlaken!

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