Frankfurt, Germany

Much like New York, Frankfurt is not very much a part of sightseeing on this tour. Its purpose is that we fly into and out of Frankfurt. After going through customs, the truck crew picks up the cargo. It was very warm outside when we did all of this, and it took us about 90 minutes to figure out how to put about 20 crates of varying size, 10 choral risers, and about 30-40 instruments into a truck. Quite fun. Once we had that figured out, truck crew loads up on the remaining buses. We had five buses on this tour: The white bus, THE GREEN BUS, The blue bus, The red bus, and the gold bus. According to our groups, I was supposed to be on the green bus. However, since anyone who was not on the truck crew already loaded onto the buses, we had three of the five buses leave. So, I was somewhat officially on two buses instead of one.

Onto Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber!

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