La Chaux de Fonds

Journal Entry: July 15

After lunch, we head to La Chaux de Fonds in the french speaking part of Switzerland. We perform in a grand concert hall, where after the concert, we take the official picture.

We arrive in La Chaux de Fonds, with about enough time to get settled, have dinner, and get ready for the concert. This is our first concert in the french-speaking part of Europe. Once again, the truck crew's job does not assume the use of a ramp, so we carry everything up 2 flights of stairs just to get to the concert hall. However, the hall is quite beautiful. Tonight, after the concert, we take the official picture of the Sound of America Honor Band and Chorus 2001. Once I get the picture, I will scan it into the computer and publish it on the website for all to see.

Now to the country of France!

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