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Journal Entry: June 29

Coming down High Street as we park the van near the Schlechter Auditorium, where registration takes place. After receiving our USA packet, I head for the dormatory. My roommate is from Pennsylvania. The people in the other room have not shown. Just in time for dinner! A bunch of college food. Terrific. Well, our neighbors showed up. One is from Long Island, and the other from Las Vegas.

Well, this is the first stop of our tour. All of the participants register, and then settle in. This whole first stage of the tour takes place at Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA. After registration on June 29, we start rehearsals on June 30 for three and a half days.

Some of the choristers during a rehearsal break
This is some of the choir during one of the many rehearsal breaks.

The Band at Rehearsal
This is the band during its rehearsal.

On my birthday, July 3rd, the group performs two Bon Voyage concerts at the Anita Tuvin Schlechter Auditorium at Dickinson College. They were quite successful concerts. Afterwards, the truck crew (which included myself) loads up the US truck, and we get ready to leave the next morning.

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