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Will's Bass

Bass Player

Yes, I am an AWESOME bass player! It is honestly one of the best musical instruments to play!

I have began playing the bass ever since the beginning of the year 2001 when the school jazz band needed a bass player. I am highly competent with the electric bass, and am somewhat able to play the old-style bass. During the 2000-01 school year, I used the bass and amplifier that the school still currently provides. However, in August of 2001, after my European Tour, I invested in my own bass. It is an Aria Pro II, and I bought a Peavey Amplifier along with it.

Peavey Amp
My Peavey Amp

Currently, I play in the ELCS Jazz Band. I also started to play with a guy named Noel, who is a pretty decent guitar player.

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This page was created in December of 2001 by Will Schmarder for a school project.