Dave Schmarder

On the verge of mental stability.

Dave Schmarder

Traveling at over 65?

Dave S.

Hi Friends and foes. Dave Schmarder is still here and I have a new web page for you. The big news is that I passed the big sixty-five mark a few months ago. It is really being cool to be born on an even decade. It makes it much easier for me to calculate my age when asked. I hate those trick questions. If you count the conception, I've been around for 7 decades. But at least now, when the time comes, they won't say that I died young.

I'm building those little radios still. That is what is keeping me busy, except for building websites. Neither pays hardly anything, they are just my hobbies.

In The Beginning …

Dave S.

Hello friends and web surfers. I will start at my beginning. It was the summer of 1949. A hot summer night. Mr. Schmarder asked Mrs. Schmarder, "Do you want to go to sleep or what?". His wife and at any moment soon to be my mother was out in the other room and didn't quite hear him. She said, "what?", and that was my beginning.

Les and Dave Schmarder

I hung around the womb as long as I could, but alas it was time to come out and meet everyone. I sure liked it inside and alone. But now it was time to deal with people.

I was the second of what was to become three boys. I know that some of you are thinking "Curly, Larry and Moe". Let's get back on the subject, and that subject is me. It is my page!

Commander Schmucker

So now it was mom, dad, Les and myself. That was cool. I got so I really liked my big brother.

Everything rolled along fine, until Christmas 1954. I found myself at my aunt and uncles house. I can't remember going there, but Les and I had a nice Christmas at their house. When I came home (I do remember that), I had a new baby brother, Raymond. So that rounded out our family.

When I was young, I became interested in the railroad. Trains were my thing! It was 25 years later that I took my first train ride though. Then at around 7 or so, I became interested in radio and electronics. My dad used to repair radios and I would hang around and watch. When I was 8, my dad got his ham radio license. That really got me interested in radio!

Bob Schmarder, Les, Dave and Ray

I managed to graduate from high school, and by then I had my own ham radio license. Then I studied Electrical Technology at Erie Community College aka the high school with ash trays.

To continue with this boring biography, I ended up working for Corning Electronics Inc. I was there for 34 years. I learned a lot from Ed and Ozzie. It wasn't always electronics related either. :) Sure was a hoot!

The original 1955 Schmarder family was 5, now there just two, just Ray and I. My dad died in 1981 at nearly 63 years old, followed by my mother at nearly 62. Les passed away at 52.

Well, the years went by and now I sit, old, fat and bald in my little house, enjoying building crystal sets and tube radios. Other current interests include Amateur Radio and fiddling with Linux. I found that I also enjoy writing web pages. I started writing my pages in 1996.

Les and Dave Schmarder

I like using the language of my ancestors, German. I taught myself some German by listening to the Deutsche Welle on short wave. I ended up visiting the Fatherland (the kingdom of Bavaria) and was able to practice the language. Sometimes they would wince at my grammar, much like the dental patient does when the novocaine isn't working. Now I will be ready to talk with my ancestors when the time comes.

I hope this is interesting. I offer a complete money back guarantee if you are not happy with my page. Please contact my complaint department if you are in any way unhappy.

Amateur Radio — N2DS

2015 marks my 50 th year as a licensed ham radio operator. My novice call was WN2TCY ,which turned into WB2TCY when I earned my general license. My other call signs include WA2HNJ and AB2TCY. I have been N2DS since 1977.

My amateur radio interests have included RTTY (radio teletype with those old Teletype Corp. mechanical machines. My uncle worked for the phone company and supplied me with a machine or two.). I also was into slow scan television. I remember seeing a demo of the original SSTV at a club meeting. When it was made legal for short wave use, I built a monitor. I was active on packet radio, but then I discovered the internet!

While I am in a ham radio lull right now, my interest is starting to build. I might get back on HF but only on CW. Amateur radio has changed a lot in the last 40 years. I have also changed a lot too. Perhaps there is a niche for me somewhere in this big hobby.

I purchased an Icom IC706 transceiver in 2003. I don't use it much right now but this could change and I want to be ready.

Web Development

After arriving on the internet in May 1996 (had to get a phone first), it was only about two months and I had published my first web page. Now I do it every day. I don't make money doing sites, as no one has ever offered to pay.

My jewel is makearadio.com. I have lost count of the number of pages on this site, but when I checked last fall, it was over 350. The site is about the homemade radios that I and others have built. I really feel happy when I read the nice comments about my projects. It gives me the incentive to make more.

My latest thing is to use HTML-5 and CSS-3 code. I am ahead of myself somewhat as these aren't approved standards. But for now I'm keeping a light touch on the bleeding edge code, so that most browsers will handle what I code, but the latest browsers see the nice page effects.

Thanks for stopping by!