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Sebastian (Seb) and Margaret Schmarder

In my research for this, I found out something interesting. Some of the people on this page used the surname Smart instead of Schmarder. These include Sebastion Schmarder as shown in an 1880 census tally. His wife Margaret was listed as Maggie Smart. But in Sebastion's 1895 will, he was only mentioned as a Schmarder. So I don't think the name change was official, at least with Seb.

John Schmarder was known as John Smart. I can't say if this was official as his son Clarence Schmarder was known also as Clarence Smart, but it appears not officially. Henry Schmarder appears to have changed his name to Henry Smart officially.

This is just one of those interesting things that pops up in family research sometimes. My grandfather, Clarence Schmarder did mention to us kids that his family did change their name to Smart. Us boys thought he was just pulling our leg as he sometimes did.

Seb Schmarder

Born: October 1, 1824, - Died: July 10, 1895

Margaret Schmarder

Born: August 29, 1829 - Died: November 22, 1903

Seb was employed as a watchman. Seb and Margaret emmigrated to the US in 1849. Both were born in Germany and died in Syracuse, NY.


Seb's Parents - John Schmarder and ? Margt Schmarder

Margarets Parents - Andrew Stouter and Margaret (?) Schmarder


Mary Anna (Anna Marie) Schmarder Koch, daughter (1859-1912) See below for Koch children.

John Schmarder, son (1855 - Nov 26, 1900) Son: Clarence Schmarder, Daughters: Helen Schmarder McVeen, Emma Schmarder

Barbara Schmarder Ruff, daughter (1870-1955) Married George Ruff, child: Zetta Ruff Nolan (1906 - 1969)

Rosa Schmarder Weaver, daughter

Michael Schmarder, son (1852- Dec 14, 1875) Son: Sebastian Schmarder (1878 - 1952) See below

Margaret Schmarder, daughter

George Schmarder, son (died before 1895), Children: Viz, Elsie, Ernest, Marion, Ethel, Myron

Stephen Schmarder, son

Elizabeth (Sister Zita) Schmarder

Anna Schmarder

View Seb's 1895 will.

Mary Anna Schmarder Koch

Born: March 7, 1859 - Died November 13, 1912.

This is Seb and Margaret Schmarder's daughter.

Mary Anna's Relatives:

Married to Vincent G. Koch - Born October 10, 1859 in Germany - Died March 27, 1932 in Syracuse, NY

Their Children:

Vincent G. Koch Jr. (Dec 15, 1880 - Jul 21, 1950)

Maria Koch Weinheimer (Aug 12, 1882 - Jun 20, 1952)

Frederich Koch (Oct 29, 1884 - Died soon after birth)

Mathilde Koch Pichoske (Dec 28, 1885 - Oct 22, 1945)

Elizabeth Koch Schuetz (Nov 9, 1889 - Jul 12,1952)

(Franzista Theresia) Frances Koch Mellen (Oct 12, 1889 - Oct 18, 1952)

Zita Pauline Koch Frazier (Oct 11, 1891 - Jul 22, 1958)

Clara Angeline Koch Duerr (Jun 16, 1894 - Jan 17, 1971)

Theodore John Gerhard Koch (Nov 9, 1896 - Nov 13, 1958)

Emil Anthony Koch (Aug 2, 1898 - Aug 26, 1953)

Theckla Koch Pauls (Jul 18, 1900 - Apr 17, 1984) Married George N. Pauls (1902-1976)

Elizabeth's children:

George Leo Schuetz 1922-1969

Elizabeth Schuetz

Ruth Schuetz 1919-1991

Thecka and George's children:

Eileen Pauls Testone (Jan 16, 1934)

John Schmarder

Born: 1855 - Died: Nov 26, 1900


Parents: Seb and Margaret Schmarder

Wife: Louise Ricketts Schmarder (1857-1925)

Clarence Schmarder, son

Helen McVeen, daughter

Emma Schmarder, daughter

Charles S. Schmarder

Charles S. Schmarder – Born: 1886 – Died: 1917

Headstone is engraved with "Woodsman of the World".


Parents are unknown.

No information about sibblings.

No information about wife or children.

Sebastian and Emma Schmarder

Sebastian Schmarder – Born:1875 – Died: 1952


Parents: Michael Schmarder - ?

No sibblings.

Son, George S. Schmarder

One unknown son or daughter

Emma Schmarder - Born: 1880 - Died: 1946


Parents and siblings unknown

Son, George S. Schmarder

One unknown child

Other information found:

The following information was found in the The Farm Journal Illustrated Rural Directory of Onondaga County 1917:
Schmarder, Sebastian (Emma) 2 ch stationary engineer O H&L R1 Camillus Cam 40
2ch= 2 children, O=Owner, H&L=House and Lot, R1=Rural Route, Camillus=the town, Cam 40=Road #40
Emma was his wife. One child (George) is known. There was a Henry Schmarder born May 7, 1904. He died on August 2, 1979 in Hillsborough, FL. It is believed that his wife was Georgette Schmarder, born Sept 11, 1908, died March 1979 It is possible that Henry was Sebastian's other son.

George S. Schmarder

Born:1902 – Died: 1921

George, Emma and Sabastian Schmarder buried at Belle Isle Cemetery, Camillus, NY. I would like to thank Mrs. Eileen Pauls Testone of Liverpool, NY for much of the information on this page. This information was obtained from translated family bible text, and Seb Schmarders last will dated June 28, 1895.