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Philipp Emig

Philip and wife Emig

Philipp (and Elizabeth) Emig

Philipp Born: November 27, 1826 – Died: December 5, 1909

Philipp and Elizabeth were married on February 7, 1856 in Bedesbach Germany. Elizabeth's maiden name was Elisabetha Marie Rech.

Philipp's German Passport

Philipp Emig's Passport

Germany, Kingdom of Bavaria. Passport

Good until April 23, 1882

For Phillipp Emig, day laborer, from the village of Bedesbach.

Philipp Emig's Passport

Traveling with his wife, Elizabeth, childern: Caroline born 1858, Phillipp born 1860, Peter born 1868.

To: North America

Issued at Kusel on April 23, 1881.

Philipp Emig's Passport

Personal description

Born: 1826

Stature: Skinny

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Gray

Face: Oval

Outstanding features: Speech impairment


Caroline Filleman (Fuellemann), daughtger

Philipp Emig, son - Born: December 24, 1860 – Bedesbach Germany

Peter Emig, son - Born: August 12, 1868 – Bedesbach Germany

Adam Emig, son - Christened December 25, 1856 – Altenglen Germany

Charles (Carl) Emig, son - Born: July 8, 1864 – Bedesbach Germany