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Friedrich and Catherina Fillemann

I have seen several spellings for the Filleman name. Fillemann has shown up many times and a Füllemann has shown up a lot in Germany.
Friedrich Fillemann appears to have been born on January 9, 1824. Further research from family records showed him to live to age 70. Friedrich's parents are shown as Conrad Fillemann and Dorothea Bell.

Friedrich Füllemann and Catherina Daubermann were married on April 15, 1849. No record shows when or if they came to America.


Conrad Fuellermann, Friedrich's father (not confirmed)

Dorothea Bell Fuellermann, Friedrich's mother (not confirmed)

Jacob Adam Filleman, son

Elisabeth Dorothea Fuellermann, sister Born: September 18, 1821, Kusel Germany(not confirmed)

Dorothea Fuellermann, sister born January 16, 1827, Kusel Germany(not confirmed)

Jakob Fuellermann, brother, born December 18, 1818, Kusel Germany (not confirmed)

There are more. I made a special page with a lot of Fillemans on it.