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A website about people that have Schmarder in their name!

Patricia D. Schmarder 1922 — 2017

Patricia Schmarder passed away on January 1, 2017. She and her husband Glen Schmarder were married for 69 wonderful years.

The Youngest Schmarder

Mabel BettySue Schmarder

We have a new Schmarder. A baby girl born to Rob and Sarah Schmarder! Her name is Mabel BettySue Schmarder.

Greetings from Buffalo!
This is Mabel BettySue Schmarder
Born 3/6/2015
Micro Moon Baby
Bringing immeasurable joy to Our new family household

Update: Dave the webmaster met Mabel for the first time in late August 2015. She sure is happy.

Schmarder Marriage

Will & Velvet Schmarder

On August 22, 2015 Will and Velvet tied the knot!

Velvet is from Lake Luzerne, NY Will and Velvet didn't meet a few years ago while Will attended RPI.

Your webmaster (Dave) has had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know Velvet over the last year. Welcome to the family, Velvet!

Oma Caroline Is Watching!

Oma Caroline Füllemann

Aunt Caroline Filleman

Hello and welcome to Schmarder Central, the homesite of all that is Schmarder. The Schmarder family name is one that is not common. That is an advantage as it is easier to search for more Schmarders. Also we don't end up with our name landing on the no-fly list.

This site won't try to account for every far off relative, all the way back to the neanderthals, but instead concentrate the efforts on anyone that had Clarence and Anna Schmarder as an ancestor, and still has Schmarder somewhere in their name. Fair enough?

These old pictures are a real hoot. Didn't anyone smile in the 1800's? Maybe it is because she was from Germany.

Clarence & Anna Schmarder

Clarence & Anna Schmarder

Clarence and Anna Schmarder

So, here is where we are starting, with my grandparents, Clarence (1891-1963) and Anna (1891-1939) Schmarder. They were born in Syracuse, NY and lived most of their lives there too. Clarence was a pharmacist and half owner of the Brighton Pharmacy in Syracuse.

They had two sons, Robert and Glen. Robert became interest in listening to distant radio stations in 1929. Both Robert and Glen served in the U.S. Army during World War Two. Robert and his wife Mabel had three boys, Leslie, David and Raymond. Glen and Pat had four girls, Carol, Mary, Jean and Janice. That was an interesting combination.

Brighton Pharmacy, Syracuse

Brighton Pharmacy South Salina St. Syracuse, NY

Leslie had children, as well as all 4 girls.

Leslie's three older boys started their families. Robert with one girl, Mike with one girl and two boys. Eric with a boy and a girl. So there will be people with the Schmarder name for the forseeable future.

This Website has been around since 2001. The webmaster is Dave Schmarder. Dave got interested in the family history soon after the death of his older brother, Les. The main page remained the same until now (2010).

Will Schmarder did some of the pages, including his brothers. But with going to school, and now working, the tasks of rebuilding has fallen on Dave.

I'm putting out a general call for content from this site from all that have the name Schmarder in their name. This means pictures, names, dates and other information. Biographies are good too. I have a place to put small pictures of where we are living too. Not very useful, but just for fun.

Please e-mail me with what you have, you Schmarders.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you found something useful here. I sure would be surprised. Your webmaster, Dave Schmarder.